An Update From the MCEE Team

Hello everyone!

We would like to start by saying how much we appreciate the initial reaction to our beta launch. It was wonderful to see all of you hopping on board with our platform and using it the way we intended. 

However, following our initial beta test launch at Union Bar and Grill earlier this semester we encountered a few problems. The first of these being some issues with our database security, which was shutting down certain people’s apps in order to minimize any potential security issues within the app. We have been taking the past few weeks to update these security rules in hopes that this will fix many of the bugs seen during this initial beta phase. Along with this, we are trying our best to ensure that all users of our platform are in fact “real users” which in turn has led us to prioritize the authorization side of our application. Lastly, one of the more important problems we are addressing is the potential for a severed connection between MCEE and Spotify. We have found that when the host of a party leaves the application for a prolonged period of time, or turns off their phone, then the connection between MCEE and Spotify is no longer active. As a result, the party starts grabbing random songs from the Spotify database rather than using the songs already stored in the MCEE queue. We have decided on a temporary solution for the moment which requests that hosts place their phone on “guided access” mode, an Apple feature which ensures users do not leave a certain app and that the phone stays active. While we realize this is not an ideal solution, we feel that it is the best one to implement at this stage so we can continue testing our product with you all and eventually release it, hopefully with limited issues.

Our development team has been working tirelessly to resolve these issues and we plan on releasing the application within the next month on the Apple App Store. While it feels like we have been saying this for a long time, we think we are nearing the end of our first official iteration of MCEE and cannot wait to release it to you all. We will continue to provide you with updates over the coming weeks in regards to our product development timeline and we hope to have you all listening soon! Thank you!

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Love what u guys are doing, always in support -chinku


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