Starting at the beginning of 2022, co-Founders Jack Russell and Rhett Somers––then juniors at Boston College––saw that the way music was being played in large gatherings was flawed. 

Often, both of them were asked to take control of the aux at a party, but they could never satisfy the crowd while also being able to play the music that they personally love. That’s when they came up with a solution, a platform that allows everyone to request songs on a common queue, and then let the crowd vote on what songs come on next. This allows for everyone to play their songs while also making sure the most popular music is played.  In January 2022, they launched MCEE, a platform that is trying to democratize the way music is listened to. Gianna Jarmain, the third co-founder, quickly joined the team to get development rolling. Operating with the simple mission of bringing inclusivity to the listening experience, MCEE is trying to revolutionize the music listening by providing an innovative, unique, and fun way to contribute to the party!

  • Jack Russell | CEO

    Jack is a senior at Boston College studying finance and information systems. He is passionate about entrepreneurship, leading an open incubator program on Boston College campus as well as sitting on the executive board of the Shea Center for Entrepreneurship. He looks towards how he can make a difference with unique ideas, talented people, and passionate teams.

  • Gianna Jarmain | CTO

    Gianna Jarmain is a senior at Boston College studying computer science and marketing. In an increasingly digital age, she is particularly passionate about frontend application development and UI/UX, and the sen of personalization and design that it entails. She heads the development team at MCEE and has built the app from the ground up.

  • Rhett Somers | COO

    Rhett Somers is a senior at Boston College studying finance and entrepreneurship. He has always aspired to start his own company and love working with others to reach a common goal while making a difference in peoples’ lives. He is also an analyst at SSC Venture Studio, a student-led VC powered by SSC Venture Partners investing in the start-up community at Boston College.